Friday, May 06, 2005

Creating a Faux Stone Finish for your Walls Using Old Newspapers

Copyright 2005 Pamela Cole Harris
Home and Garden Makeover

Love the look of stone but you can't even afford the rocks in
your head? (That's a joke, son!) If you have old newspaper lying
around, you can have the look of stone you love -- inexpensively!
Here's how:

1. Paint the wall with a cote of white latex enamel. It is best
to use low-luster enamel with a sponge brush applicator
(available at most discount stores for around $1). Let the
paint dry to the touch.

2. Choose a flat earth-tone or neutral glaze using a clean
sponge brush. Apply the glaze in random strokes over
one-half the surface.

3. Repeat this step with a darker glaze, but leaving small
random areas unglazed.

4. Next we wash! Apply a white wash in some areas and a
earth-tone wash in others. Again, the more random the

5. Fold an old newspaper in half and then in half again. Place
it flat against a small part of the wall and press. Lift and
repeat in another area. Each time you lift, more glaze will
be removed.

6. Turn the paper in different directions to help blend the
colors into random patterns. Fun, huh?

7. If you feel that one area needs more color, spread glaze on
the newspaper and press it flat to the desired area.

8. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the look.
Leave some light and dark spots in the pattern.

9. Let the paint dry. (Don't watch it - it's deadly dull!)

10. Finally apply more white wash to the entire surface. Soften
the colors by dabbing with a clean cotton cloth.

11. Allow the paint to dry once more. (I didn't say this process
would be exciting, did I?)

The look you will achieve with this technique will mimic the
depth, color variations and rough look of more expensive stone
tiles. Not bad for a little paint and some old newspaper, right?
Now go out there and dab!

Pamela Cole Harris has been a writer and designer for 35 years
(Yikes, has it been that long?) Enjoy her tongue-in-cheek
approach to inexpensive interior design at:


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