Monday, August 20, 2007

Mural Artist Inspired by Bamboo Women

Mural in Main Bedroom of the Faux Flip

Mural artist Kim Schaffer, inspired by the Bamboo Women community, created a Bamboo Woman Tea Room and added a bamboo mural to the main bedroom in the Habitat for Humanity project house featured on Flip That House.

Bamboo Women learn how to soar like the hardy bamboo plant. Many bamboos percolate under the soil for years. With nourishment or protection, bamboo breaks through hard-packed earth and sprouts to six feet or more in sixty days. Women who need business plans or simply plans of action to achieve a goal come together to support each other. For more information about the new community, please see

Kim's incredible artistic talent is showcased in most rooms at the Faux Flip. Before becoming a stay at home mom and a part-time faux artist, Kim taught school. There isn’t a room in the house that Kim didn’t help work on. She even hand painted a design on the pool deck to mimic the intricate Modello Designs (Custom Stencil Pattern for Faux Finishing) applied to the pool floor!

Visit Kim's website and see her incredible custom decorative murals and then check out the other faux artists who helped a home come alive with love.

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